6. Open Communication: Thinking and Saying

The aim of this section is to consider the barriers and benefits to open communication with others.

In the following video, through a series of short illustrative vignettes we will explore the importance of connecting with others using clear and open communication. The vignettes demonstrate elements of human interaction that hamper a positive connection with another person, whether it be a family member, friend or colleague.


As our host asks, when we look across the table who do we see? How do our own attitudes and judgments affect a given interaction? What happens when we are able to say what we think and feel?

These are individual and culturally-laden questions that only you can answer. However, there are basic communication skills that can help create more effective communication – like acknowledging another’s point of view or demonstrating that you are open and interested by clarifying and confirming what you have heard a person tell you.

Please consult the GLOSSARY OF COMMUNICATION SKILLS AND TECHNIQUES  for clear definitions of skills and techniques (such as acknowledging, clarifying and confirming) that can be helpful for effective communication in the Canadian context.

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