2. The IEHP Journey

The video below introduces you to six IEHPs featured throughout this module, and traces the journeys they have taken, or are taking, to get certified to practice and find employment in Ontario. 

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Below you’ll find detailed descriptions of the journeys each IEHP in the video has taken, or plans to take, in order to get certified and find employment in Ontario. In future lessons they will share their thoughts on the steps you can take to establish yourself in Ontario and achieve your professional goals. In this lesson, we invite you to hear their stories. Then, take a few moments to reflect on your own story as an IEHP using the exercise below—where you have been, and where you hope to go.


Daniela Beckford (Romania) became a nurse in Romania, and worked there in different areas of nursing. She came to Canada and got licensed with the College of Nurses of Ontario.

She has been working with Hamilton Health Sciences for 13 years, and in 2009 she was asked to lead the Internationally Educated Nurse and English as a Second Language Nurse Integration project there.

Umberin Najeeb

Dr. Umberin Najeeb (Pakistan) became a doctor in Pakistan, specializing in Internal Medicine. After practicing for a couple of years there, she and her family moved to Canada in 2004.

In order to get her license to practice medicine here in Canada she had to retrain, first getting a Fellowship and working as a Hospitalist Fellow.

She passed her Internal Medicine exam in the spring of 2009, and then started working in the Department of Internal Medicine at Sunnybrook. She is now an Internist at Sunnybrook, and an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto.

Kenneth Cruz

Kenneth Cruz (The Philippines) moved to Canada as a newly graduated Registered Nurse (RN) in 2010. It took five years for him to become an RN here in Ontario.

He works in general nursing, and part-time in a dentist’s office, and is thinking of continuing his studies and becoming a Nurse Practitioner.

Tushar Malavade

Dr. Tushar Malavade (India) qualified as a doctor in India, and in 2011 passed the specialist exams in Nephrology.

He applied for, and was accepted to, a two-year Clinical Fellowship in Ontario. After that he did a Transplant Fellowship, and while he was doing that he and his wife discussed the possibility of staying in Canada.

He is now in his second year of a three-year medical residency program, and then he hopes to continue and do his Nephrology specialization again.


Dr. Mai Sherif (Egypt) worked in healthcare in Egypt for more than 20 years.

She moved to Canada in 2013 to give her children access to a good education and healthcare system. She has decided against trying to get licensed as a clinician, and is pursuing research as an alternative career. She is enrolled in the Clinical Research Associate Certificate program at McMaster University and hopes that the certificate will help her to find a job here in Canada.

Amardeep Bhullar

Dr. Amardeep Bhullar (India) trained and qualified first as a dentist and then as a doctor in India, and then did her Master’s in Public Health. She worked in a community services program, working to reduce maternal mortality in the village for which she was responsible.

She was encouraged to consider moving to Canada to pursue her Public Health career, and she arrived in Canada in July 2016, one month before the taping of this interview.

She started a Dental Assistant diploma in September 2016 at George Brown College. After she qualifies as a Dental Assistant her goal is to go on and pursue something in Public Health.

Learning Exercise: The IEHP Perspective

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