Course 10: Equitable Hiring Practices

This course has four sections.  The first section is a short video segment intended to depict the impact of communication and potential misunderstanding in the interview setting.  The second section provides a series of tips and explanations on cultural issues that may impact the outcome of an interview.  In the third section, a series of interview questions designed specifically for interviewing IEHP international candidates are proffered.  This is followed by links to resources for additional information on the topic.  We expect that the entire module should take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Throughout this course, you will hear the term “culturally diverse employee”. We invite you to think about how the concepts of diversity, difference and similarity shape or inform your practice as an employer or human resources professional.  When you meet with culturally diverse individuals, do you see similarity or difference? What is it that mitigates or amplifies the differences between us? How do we find common ground?

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