2. Orientation

In this lesson we will consider ‘best practice’ to prepare the workplace and the new employee for successful integration. We will ask the question: Who is not culturally diverse?

In this next clip we meet Emily Lap Sum Musing. She is the  Executive Director of Pharmacy as well as the Director of Clinical Risk and Quality at the University Health Network (UHN) in Toronto. This means that part of her job is to do with pharmacy, which includes inpatient pharmacies across five sites, as well as outpatient retail pharmacies.  The other part of her job is to ensure that patients are safe in the UHN hospitals, so her other title is the Patient Safety Officer.



This next cluster of videos examines some of the challenges related to hiring practices, and the integration of a new employee into the workplace. We hear from a mentor, Dermot O’Carroll, not only himself an immigrant but a successful business entrepreneur (now retired), and Bursabeh Boroumand, one of his mentees.





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