4. What is Diversity?

The aim of this section is to explore the subtle differences of perception; of how we each see the world differently from one another.

In this video, we will view a scenario of intergenerational diversity between a grandfather and his grandson, and consider the barriers that this diversity can create between individuals.


Diversity is something to be protected—everyone has a right to have their own thoughts and opinions and no-one should be forced to be like someone else. (For more detail about the Ontario Human Rights Code and other protective legislation, see Course 11, The Rights and Responsibilities of the Employee.)

Diversity can also be a challenge. While there is real potential for life-enrichment through exploring diversity, there is also the potential for hurt feelings!

Bearing in mind what was discussed in the previous lesson about the “other”, it is worth considering how someone’s “otherness” is also part of the unique contribution that they have to offer.

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