7. Communication Matters: Doctor’s Office

The aim of this section is to explore effective communication strategies by using a case example featuring Cam, a transgender person. This section is divided into three parts below.

A. Waiting Room—In this vignette we join Cam as he waits to see the doctor. Consider his experience and challenges. Reflective questions are provided below the video.

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In the following video, Hershel discusses a personal waiting room experience and the importance of greeting people appropriately in healthcare settings.

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In your role at work, what could you do to minimize the chances of someone having to explain themselves, in front of others, in such a personal way?

B. Doctor’s Office—In the next video, we join Cam during his appointment with the doctor. Reflective questions are provided below the video.

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In the following video, Mikiki describes some of the challenges created when healthcare providers treat patients differently based on their sexual orientation.

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We know that there is more to our lives than our gender, and we probably wouldn’t like it if every conversation about our health or well-being circled back to gender.

C. Doctor’s Office: Revisited—We now join Cam as he sees the same doctor with a different approach. As you watch this short video, consider the differences in the doctor’s approach and how they impact the patient experience. Reflective questions are provided below the video.

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