5. Gender and Identity: Transgender

There are particular issues and challenges that the transgender community faces. In this video Hershel Russell, a psychotherapist and an educator locally and internationally, discusses some of these issues.


When relating to someone who is transgender (or distinctive in any other way) remember that every person is always more than their membership in a particular group or category.


This next video clip may be difficult to watch. It depicts a harsh, unforgiving encounter.


This is not an isolated incident in the lives of some transgender people. Take a moment to consider the damage done to the person being verbally attacked, and what effect incidents and attitudes like this also have on a team.



For most of us, as long as we know where the washroom at work is located, we don’t have to think twice about using it. But for some people using a public washroom invokes fear and anxiety.

As Hershel Russell said, your LGBTQ colleagues are all individuals, all complicated people, as we all are. How can effective communication about such topics be a constructive influence in the workplace?

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