4. Key Programs: Orientation, Staff Training, Mentorship

In this lesson we will look at some of the key components of an effective diversity program.


A good orientation process helps sets the stage for a healthy relationship between an organization and its employees.

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IEHPs are responsible for equipping themselves with knowledge, but it is important that the existing workplace structure welcomes and integrates them into the organization. Providing services that support them, and time for them to learn what they need to know is a powerful combination in creating a positive work environment.

Self-Reflection: Orientation


Staff Training
Once staff have been hired it is important to provide for their professional and personal development. In this video you will see how different organizations have chosen to carry out staff education and training.

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Staff training can cover a wide variety of topics:

  • How culture affects communication in the workplace
  • Helping IEHPs integrate into the wider community
  • Inclusive and respectful treatment given to patients and to each other in the workplace
  • The value and power of personal stories
  • Self-awareness of bias
  • Mutual purpose and mutual respect

Self-Reflection: Staff Training


This next video will compare mentoring to coaching and provide you with an overview of mentoring options to consider in your own organization.

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Mentoring relationships are amongst the most powerful tools to help newcomers adapt. It is important to note that:

  • Mentoring works best when all parties have an understanding of the expectations of the relationship.
  • It can make all the difference to an IEHP, but can benefit any staff member.
  • Employee retention is not the goal of mentoring, but it can be a happy by-product of it.

Self-Reflection: Mentorship

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