3. Assumptions

A wise employer will critically examine resumes, knowing that the applicant may actually present very differently than their resume describes them. Using a true story, this video will illustrate the challenge of assumptions.

People with international credentials may pose an even greater mystery because the employer is often not familiar with their educational institution. This is where regulatory bodies can provide reassurance to the employer—they can certify that the candidate meets the standard of practice in Ontario. The employer can then concentrate on the other criteria they require for a successful candidate. Perhaps you have experienced the same concerns as the employer in the following scenario:



One of the first steps in the certification of an internationally educated healthcare professional is assessment of language proficiency. Applicants cannot become fully licensed until they have met the language standards that are set by the individual college.



Regulatory bodies carefully authenticate all educational documents and verify that they are not fraudulent. They ensure that none of the documents has been modified or reproduced without the permission of the issuing institution.

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