3. Ageism

In this section, we will explore some of the negative attitudes and discrimination, or ageism, that older adults may be faced with.

In the following video, we will view a dramatization of a line-up in a café. The aim is to examine tolerance and potential negative responses to the older adult. Below the video, there is a reflective exercise to complete.

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In the following video, we hear from a number of professionals as they discuss ageist attitudes and views around aging that exist in our society.

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Canadian culture—like many cultures in the western world—often regards aging as something to be feared and hidden. This may make it difficult to know how to interact with or treat people who are the embodiment of what cultural norms tell us to avoid. As healthcare providers, we have to be consciously aware of any of our prejudicial thoughts about older people, and use this awareness to check our attitudes and behaviours, and avoid discriminating against them.

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