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You have completed the first series of courses in Communication Matters. To bring Part 1 to a close we present the following video as a reflection on the power of words.

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Welcome to Communication Matters Part 2

In order to care for people, healthcare providers need to have background knowledge about them. This next series in Communication Matters digs more deeply into human frailty; how and what we feel underneath the veneer, the brave front, the mask. In this next series we present five separate courses, yet they are very much intertwined, as human matters will always be. We hope you gain new insights and enjoy the journey.

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We introduce and acknowledge, with gratitude, the many individuals who generously contributed their life experiences, their expertise, and their time to Communication Matters. This was a truly collaborative and consultative process.

  • Amy S. D’Aprix, MSW, PhD—Life Transition Expert
  • Andrea Strachan—Director, Communication Competency Program, Touchstone Institute
  • Andrew
  • Aqua Nibii Waawaaskone, Métis Artist & Activist
  • Aynsley Moorhouse, MFA, MSW, RSW – Social Worker, Alzheimer Society of Toronto
  • Bersabeh Boroumand, MSc, MBA
  • Brian Charles—Band Member, Chippewas of Georgina Island
  • Christine D—Trans Activist
  • Claude Wittmann, transman and artist
  • D(eanna)
  • Dermot O’Carroll—Engineer, Volunteer Mentor
  • Don Melady, MSc(Ed) MD CCFP(EM), Emergency Physician, Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Assistant Professor, DFCM, University of Toronto
  • Emily Lap Sum Musing, BScPhm, MHSc, FCSHP, CHE, FACHE, Executive Director of Pharmacy, Clinical Risk and Quality & Patient Safety Officer
  • Gail Maurice—Métis
  • Hershel Russell, MEd RP, psychotherapist, educator, consultant
  • Jeffrey Smith
  • John Croutch (Hon)BA—Ojibwe/German-Canadian member of Wikwemikong First Nation
  • Judith John—patient advocate and healthcare communications professional, who lives with a brain tumour
  • Kerry Bowman, PhD—Bioethicist, University of Toronto Joint Centre for Bioethics
  • Michaela Washburn—Wolf Clan—Métis of English, Irish, French, Cree descent
  • Mikiki—HIV/AIDS Harm Reduction Outreach Educator, Queen West Community Health Centre
  • Nicky Barton—UK trained RN and writer. Palliative Care Advocate in Toronto. Member of National Initiative for Care of the Elderley (N.I.C.E.)  and  of Hospice Palliative Care Ontario (HPCO)
  • Peter Fenton and Scott White
  • Salima S. J. Ladak, RN(EC), PhD—Nurse Practitioner, Acute Pain Service, Toronto General Hospital, Adjunct Lecturer, Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto, Coordinator, UHN Pain APN Network
  • Shandra Spears Bombay, BA Hon, Drama & Communication Studies – Anishinaabe Actor/Singer/Writer
  • Susan Blight—Aboriginal Student Life Coordinator, First Nations House, University of Toronto
  • Verne Ross, (Hon)BA, MSW, RSW, PhD Student—Mino Giizhgad Ginaajwi Bineshii  (Nice Day Nice Bird)


  • Diana Tabak, Academic Director/Editor, WIN and PReP, HIRE IEHP
  • Kerry Knickle, Curriculum Design, Commentary and Script Writer, WIN and PReP, HIRE IEHP
  • Rachel Ellis, Manager, Web Design, WIN and PReP, HIRE IEHP
  • Anthony Grani, Film Maker/Director
  • Kerri Weir & Andrea Lyons, Production Design
  • Susan Greenfield, Kerri Weir & Andrea Lyons, Production Manager
  • Kerri Weir, Contributing Writer, Pain Lessons 5 & 6; choreographer, Lesson 1
  • John Croutch, Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island contributing writer, Lesson 1; co-design; storyteller
  • Michaela Washburn, Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island, Writer: letter to my grandfather; contributing writer: Lesson 3; co-design; storyteller
  • Karine Ricard, Host
  • Yahsmin Daviault, Translation

We also wish to acknowledge the extraordinary contributions of the simulated patients.

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